Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | December 7, 2009

Furnace Tune-Ups, Preventative Maintenance

Let me just start by saying honestly I knew nothing about furnaces, air conditioners, or basically anything in the area of HVAC before I started working with Valley Services.  Luckily, I still landed the job somehow (wink wink) and have picked up on some facts that could come in handy to my fellow laymen out there.

First of all, furnaces are not perfect, hence how we are in business.  With that being said, think of your furnace as your car, and 3,000 miles is equivalent to a year.  If you change the oil on your car every 3,000 miles, normally your car will work more efficiently and less unexpected things will go wrong.  The auto mechanic will alert you if he finds something that needs to be fixed or at least mention that it needs to be taken care of soon.  Now, say you didn’t change your oil for 6,000 miles, maybe you added your own oil, but did not clean it out or look at any other parts of your car to see if it is working correctly.  Then your car breaks down in the middle of winter on the interstate and now you are not only paying to fix your car but you are hit with a towing bill as well.


This is a practice that many people take with their furnace.  Now, do not get me wrong, if my furnace is working correctly (or at least it is heating so I think it is working), I do not usually jump up and down to pay $100 to get a furnace tune up.  If you only change your filters and go about your business, there are things that are being missed.  Take a look at our comprehensive 16 point Winter Tune Up.  The technicians take a little over an hour ensuring that your furnace is wired correctly, that the blower motor is clean and functioning, that it is burning the fuel efficiently, and much more that I know nothing about.


But that is why I understand now, this is something that needs to get done.  Valley recommends a maintenance once a year, even for new furnaces because, like I already said, furnaces are not perfect.  Someone out there is manufacturing the parts and they make mistakes as well.  Now that is why Valley supports Goodman Furnaces, with some of the best quality furnaces and best warranties in the business.  Goodman has top of the line HVAC equipment and support which makes it easy to get parts in the unfortunate case something goes wrong.

Part of life is understanding what is a necessary cost and what is important for you and your family.  I can say that here in the Midwest, heat is a necessity and when things go wrong it is not cheap.  Parts are more expensive than before and that means prices go up.  Valley’s maintenance prices have done the opposite, they are lowering their prices to entice people to get this done.  It helps you ( by having a comfortable home) and us from having to hit you a large bill for parts and labor.


Lets just stick with the annual cost of the maintenance rather than a emergency overtime call Christmas Eve that will run you $110 plus any other costs!

Click here if you have other questions concerning HVAC systems.

Thanks for reading!



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