Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | December 7, 2009

Giving Back, Value of Volunteering

Here at Valley Services, Heating and Air Conditioning in Hudson, WI we have values and principles that help us run our business.  Making a living is not just about making money, it is also about living in a way that we can be proud of and using our available resources to give back.  We continuously run our Food Shelf Drive and always have a box for food donations if anyone in the area wishes to donate.

We feel strongly about giving back here at Valley Services and strongly urge our employees to volunteer their time for a good cause.  We have been a part of Feed My Starving Children and the Christian Food Cupboard of Hudson.

Click here for the Feed My Starving Children website


I was brought up in an environment where we always looked for a way to give back with either time or donations.  My family always stressed that if we are capable, we should spend some of our time doing something that really mattered, something that can make a difference in someone’s life.  I loved the time that my family and I spent walking around my old neighborhood in St. Paul asking for food shelf donations.  It not only helped the people who needed the food but also taught me that there is no reason why I can’t continue this my whole life.  I try to do some sort of volunteer activity two or three times a month and try to bring friends as well.  In these tough economic times, there is no limit to how much help is needed for every charity, food shelf, or other non-profit organization.

If you need volunteer ideas for you and your family please call 715-386-7131 and I would be happy to help find something for you!

If you have a cause you feel strongly about that you think we could help with, please let me know!

Come by and drop off a food donation now and say hi!

Questions about Valley Services, please Visit our Website, Click Here now!


my email is  715-386-7131


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