Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | December 7, 2009

Basic Furnace Troubleshooting: Volume 2, Not Enough Heat

Hello again, for our second addition of Furnace Troubleshooting 101.  Being that time of year (winter and cold) I am going to keep these installments going.  Hope they are helping and saving you money.  Here at Valley Services our primary concern is that everyone has heat during the winter.  Now if you can fix it on your own, that is great!  If you need us, we are a phone call or a click away715-386-7131


This session will be shorter but no less important.  It focuses on your furnace not producing enough heat.  Now one of the reasons for this could be your furnace filter needs to be changed.  It may be clogged with debris, dust, hair, and whatever else you are attempting to remove from the air.   If this is the case, you need a new filter.

To find the old filter and remove it, you may need a screwdriver depending on how you furnace is set up.  Most filters are located between the return air duct and your furnace blower motor.  If you are able to do this, find the correct size and put your new filter in and off you go!  Your air will be cleaner and your furnace running more efficiently!

Hint:  Most thermostats have a setting that will alert you when a filter needs to be changed.  This depends on what type of filter you have.  View Valley Services Filter Page  and the FAQ Page for more!

Another possible problem if your furnace is not producing enough heat is that your gas burners are dirty and need to be cleaned.  This is something that should be done by a professional technician, so click here or call now!   715-386-7131


Hope this helped you get a little more heat in your life!

Until next time!

Bryan Corbett


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