Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | December 9, 2009

Wintertime…so cold, furnace maintenance

Now that we are covered in snow and it is permanently cold out, we need to know that our furnaces are going to work through it all.  The snow in your driveway needs shoveling and the windows could use some plastic.  Once all that is finished, you are sitting in your home and for some reason your furnace is not kicking on.  You understand how to program your thermostat and it has been slick.  Why now?  You have not had to think about your furnace for years!  It has been working well…(as far as you know) and hey, you have changed the filters.  That is all that has to be done, right?


Wrong!  Yes, changing the filters is vital for improving your air quality and the functioning of your furnace, but it is not the only thing that needs to be done.  Preventative maintenance is imperative for your family’s comfort this winter.  If you wish to have a stress free and warm holiday season, do yourself a favor, schedule a furnace maintenance today!

Here is a detailed list of what Valley Services’ qualified technicians do during our Gas Furnace Preventative Maintenances.

16-Point Winter Tune-Up:

1.   Clean sensor, burners, and inspect heat exchanger.

2.   Clean and adjust thermostat.

3.   Lubricate and clean all motors.

4.   Evaluate condition of filters, replace with filter supplied by client.

5.   Test and adjust safety and operating controls.

6.   Clean and adjust pilot assembly.

7.   Inspect flue pipe and draft assembly.

8.   Test and tighten all wiring connections.

9.   Test gas valve operation.

10.  Check blower motor (and belt if applicable).

11.  Re-inspect heat exchanger for cracks or holes.

12.  Adjust burner for maximum efficiency.

13.  Test temperature rise.

14.  Carbon monoxide test.

15.  Check thermostat and confirm proper operation.

16.  Clean up area to customer satisfaction.

Now, you can perform all these tasks if you wish, or you can have one of our certified professionals do it and relieve all your worries.

Our goal is to make sure every one of our customers has heat in these cold times and if we can do that we have fulfilled our mission.

Thanks again!

Bryan Corbett


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