Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | December 21, 2009

Humidifier not working? Check Humidifier Pad

Well, here we are in the winter months and it is so dry in my home.  I think I turned on my humidifier but nothing is happening.  I had it installed a few years ago (4-5), so it should still be working.  What is the problem?

I looked into it and found out that if I would have had my annual furnace maintenances, a qualified technician (Valley Services tech for Eastern MN and Western WI) would have checked my Humidifier Pad and suggested to change it.  Humidifier Pads should be changed annually to keep your humidifier working efficiently.  If your home is at the proper humidity level, you can keep your furnace running at a lower speed because the humidity keeps your body warmer.

Now, what is the purpose of the humidifier pad?  The water passes through this pad and is then put into the air in the ductwork which travels throughout your home keeping you and your family warmer.  Also, you will have less sore throats and dry skin.  After a year or two, this pad becomes full of lime and calcium and can clog your water line which could leak all over your floors.  After two plus years, we are talking about mold, colors we do not need to discuss.  Now, you and I both paid good money to have a humidifier installed with the forced air system and it is worth the upkeep.

Now there are a few other possible issues that could be going on, but changing the humidifier pad is the most common.

Hope that helps!

Bryan Corbett


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