Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | January 7, 2010

Cold Areas in House? Need Variable Speed Blower!

If you are like me, you like to be comfortable year round.  You paid a good chunk of money to put in that furnace and it has treated you pretty well over the years.  Unfortunately, no matter how many annual tune-ups/maintenances you have done to lengthen the life and efficiency of your furnace, there is a time when it becomes necessary to start looking for a new, more efficient furnace.

day and night

If you are finding that there are areas in your home which are too hot or too cold, it could be because of a blower motor or air flow issue.  Most older furnaces have a single speed blower motor, which translates to your furnace fan blows air only when the thermostat calls for heat or cool.  When your home reaches the desired temperature, your furnace fan turns off and waits for it to need a temperature change again.

day and night equipment

There are some high efficient and technically advanced furnaces out there now that are worth taking a look at.  The Day and Night 96% efficient furnaces include a Variable Speed Blower Motor (and a Two-Stage Gas Valve) which allows your furnace fan to run all the time at a low speed (1/10th of the electricity of regular blower fans).  Having your fan run all the time improves your home comfort for multiple reasons.  One of the reasons is it improves air quality because it constantly circulates air through your air filter then back through your home.  Another reason is by constantly circulating air, areas that get cold or hot when furnace shuts off, will be the same temperature as the rest of your home.

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Bryan Corbett



  1. Isn’t it amazing how much difference the DC Variable speed blower makes?

    Hey, if it works well up here in Canada, it must work even better in your area. Definitely money well spent.

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