Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | February 5, 2010

Carbon Monoxide – Are you safe?

Fatigued? Head aching? Nausea?  If you have these symptoms you could be in danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  Simply understanding more about this “silent killer” can save you and your family from experiencing these symptoms and even more harmful or lethal effects.

Carbon Monoxide is the product of household appliances that burn fuel.  If the appliances are used correctly and maintained when needed, the amount of Carbon Monoxide released should be safe.  Even if one of your appliances starts releasing too much Carbon Monoxide, your CO detector should alert you.

CO Detector

If your detector goes off, open all windows and shut off fuel burning appliances.  Make sure everyone in your home is healthy and safe.  If anyone has the symptoms (fatigue, head ache, nausea) get them to a doctor immediately.

Call a qualified technician (Valley Services for Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin 715-386-7131) and have them inspect the appliances.

CO detectors are a must in each home, but prevention is even more important.  Have all fuel burning appliances maintained and inspected annually.

Let us keep you and your family safe and healthy, have Valley Services do a Carbon Monoxide Test today!


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