Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | February 18, 2010

R-22 Versus R-410a Refrigerant

I like to be environmentally conscious.  I try to recycle things that should be recycled and reuse things that can be reused.  Now when it comes to chemicals, you can never be too safe.  HVAC refrigerants can be toxic to the environment and need to be dealt with responsibly.

condensing unit AC/Condensing Unit

R-22 Phaseout

We are now in the middle of the phaseout of the refrigerant R-22 Freon.  This is the chemical that removes the heat and in turn cools your home.  It is harmful to the environment when HVAC equipment malfunctions or is not disposed of correctly.  It was rumored that to change out the R-22 for the R-410a you would have to flush the whole system and then use new copper line sets.  This would be expensive and is false.  We have now learned that all you have to do is flush the system and make sure all of the R-22 is out and then the R-410a can be put in.

Why R-410a

We are excited to install new systems with the R-410a.  It is environmentally safe and can work at higher pressures.  It is not a law to replace every existing system with R-410a. Systems with R-22 can not be produced at the factory.

Because of the phaseout, the price of R-22 will increase and we will suggest getting R-410a in your system, but you can do what you wish.


Bryan Corbett



  1. Why even change out the R-22 is the question? It will be available for the forseeable future, and it is LOWER in GWP (Global Warming Potential) than the R-410A that is replacing it. R-22 is also cheaper than R-410A currently.

    • Good points. All I am saying is that the price of R-22 will go up eventually and people might want to change over instead of paying for old technology.

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