Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | March 15, 2010

Furnace Install, Furnace Replacement

Okay, we survived the worst of it, winter that is.  I sure hope it is not coming back being as though we are in the middle of March right now.  But just because winter is done, it doesn’t give you a reason to forget about your heating and cooling needs for this spring and summer!


If you think that your furnace barely made it through the winter, it is time to think about getting a free estimate from Valley Services for a Furnace Installation.  The average furnace lives for 16-20 years.  Whether your furnace works longer than that is up to you.  If you get your furnace maintained yearly, it will probably work more efficiently for longer than if you didn’t.

95 furnace

Day and Night IIX 96% Furnace

Furnaces can be up to 98% efficient!  We suggest looking at the Day and Night 96% efficient Furnace w/ Variable Speed Blower Motor and a Two-stage Gas Valve.  The variable speed blower motor allows your furnace to run at a lower speed, using less electricity and also circulates the air more to keep your air clean!  The two-stage gas valve controls the amount of gas that ignites your furnace, there is a low-fire and a high-fire saving you money on gas bills.

Do not forget about the $1500 tax credit for a high efficiency furnace install!  Valley Services is your answer!


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