Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | March 31, 2010

Air Conditioner Season! Yahoo!



Air Conditioner season is upon us.  It came so fast!  But I am not complaining.  Now that the Twins have an open air stadium we are going to need some warm spring seasons.  The weather has been warm for a few weeks now and we can start to test pressures on air conditioners to make sure they are ready to work efficiently this summer.

Listed below is what we do on each summer tune up.

We do ask for a school supply donation for The Sharing Tree.


Air Conditioner Maintenance – 15 point Summer Tune-Up

A few of the things that our technicians do to ensure that your Air Conditioner works in the heat of summer is clean the outdoor condenser with a special solution, check the refrigerant pressures and levels, clean the indoor blower motor, and check amp draws on the capacitors.  We also verify that the condensate drain line is clear so it does not plug up and leak water all over your floor.

Hope to hear from you!


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