Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | April 19, 2010

Fujitsu Mini Split Solutions!

It is the semi-slow time of the year for almost all HVAC companies but that does not diminish our passion for providing you the options for your home comfort.  During this time, we find classes to further train our employees and invest in their future (as well as yours).  We not only provide our customers with new and high efficient products but technicians that fully understand the installation and troubleshooting of all these products.


We have employees extensively trained to cut down on the time of installation of Mini Split Systems which saves you money!


Outside line set

Recent Mini Split Installation April 2010, View of Outside Unit and Line Set.

Why Choose a Mini Split System?

Window Unit Problems                                                    

  • Window unit block the view from almost any window
  • Compromised security by providing easy access to intruders
  • Window units add little to your resale value and inefficiency adds to your utility bill
  • They are noisy and unattractive
  • Almost all window units have inconvenient manual control knobs.

Mini Split Solutions

  • Halcyon models mount high on the wall so they do not disturb your view.
  • Fujitsu provides security, requiring just a 3-4 inch opening on the outside.
  • Fujitsu units add value to your home and are more efficient than old window units, saving you money!
  • They are quiet and attractive.
  • Wireless remote controller puts you in control of your own comfort

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