Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | April 28, 2010

Water Heater leaking? Not lighting?

If you see water on or around your water heater it could be a quick fix or it could be worth looking into a new, more efficient water heater.  There are rebates and tax refunds available if you install high efficient appliances.

Possible reasons for a water heater leak: condensation build-up when the tank is filling with cold water, the Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve could be faulty, drain valve might need to be tightened or replaced, you gas vent might be obstructed, or the leak could be coming from water pipes that lead to your water heater.

tempt press relief valve  temp press relief valve diagramTP Valve diagram.

Temp-Press Reief Valve.

The Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve (pictured above) releases water when there is an excess in pressure which may be caused by temperatures that are too high.  It will release the water to lower the pressure, if this is the case, it is working correctly but you want to figure out why the temperature is so high.

SONY DSC                     Drain Valve

The Drain Valve is usually located near the floor on the side of your water heater, if water is coming out it may just need to be tightened.  If that does not work, it could be old and needs to be replaced.

For a Gas Fired Water Heater, the Vent located at the top of the water heater needs to be kept clear.  Shut off the water heater and clear out the flue.

water heater diagram

If you see dripping coming from the pipes leading to and from the water heater, you can try to tighten the couplers and fittings, but not too tight.

If you are not exactly sure what to do, please call us for professional service!    715-386-7131


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