Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | June 16, 2010

A/C Not Working? Not Cooling?

Is your home too warm right now?  Is your Air Conditioner not cooling the way it should?  Or not cooling at all?!
It just topped 85 degrees and you want to turn on your A/C.  You walk to thermostat and flip it to cool and nothing happens.  Oh great!  Been in this situation before.
A common problem in the summer is when you try to turn on your Air Conditioner for the first time it doesn’t work.
We strongly suggest scheduling an Air Conditioner Tune-Up!
But if you did not schedule a tune up this year, we will gladly come out to troubleshoot the Air Conditioner to get you the cooling and the comfort you want!
Common Problems for your Home Air Conditioner
There are a few problems that you might have run into this year with your Air Conditioner.  Here are a few scenarios:
1. It is cooling but not enough.  You might have a small leak somewhere in your system that is allowing Freon to get out.  The leak could be in the “A” Coil (above your furnace), the line set that leads to your Condensing Unit (outside unit), or it could be by your Condensing Unit.  If there is a Freon leak, this would cause your A/C to not keep your home as cool as you want.
2.  It is blowing warm air.  If your Air Conditioner is on and the blower motor is moving warm air, it could be a few things.  It could be a bad contactor or a bad capacitor (which is not too expensive).  If it is neither of these two things then unfortunately you might have a bad compressor.  At this point (depending on how old your system is), it might be worth looking into a new system.  If you have a Day and Night A/C, your compressor has a 10 year warranty on it.
3.  It is not cooling or running.  If your Air Conditioner is not running and not cooling, then there are a few possibilities.  First thing, check the thermostat and make sure it is set to “cool”.  Make sure the temperature is set lower than what it is outside.  If nothing happens and the units do not respond, there could be a wiring problem.  A mouse could have bit through the wire and a wire could have came loose for another reason.  If it turns out to be something other than wiring, it could be anything.  For example, the circuit board could have shorted out because of condensation which could cause your blower motor to not work.  This is one possibility but we would have to come and troubleshoot your system for you to be sure.

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