Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | June 23, 2010

Fujitsu Heat Pump Mini-Splits

We are always looking for ways to save money.  People always suggest to go green and be efficient and you will save money!  Being efficient will save you money in the long run, but  if you are looking to get some back on your taxes, Fujitsu Halcyon’s Heat Pump Mini-Splits are your answer!  These systems qualify for the energy efficiency tax credit in which you receive up to $1500!

Pictured below is a dual zone heat pump system.

The quiet operation and the wireless remote controller make running your system a breeze.   Installing these systems require less time than a furnace and air conditioner install and less maintenance.  Although you should get them checked every other year.

If you are sick of your window units and the money you spend on electricity, the Fujitsu Halcyon Mini-Splits are for you!

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  1. This is quite a detail and comprehensive check list for central air conditioner. It is a really good piece of advice regarding the maintenance of your air conditioner and its really helps to save money.
    Thanks for sharing such a good thing with us….

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