Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | September 27, 2010

High Efficiency Furnaces, Furnace Tune-Up

When the tires on your vehicle get worn down it is relatively easy for your auto technician to predict when you will need new ones.  He/she will recommend how many more miles they can go and when the new ones should be installed.  You, the vehicle owner, can probably tell when your tires get to wore down and when it can be unsafe to drive on them.

Your furnace can be a bit more tricky.  The average life of a furnace is between 12-16 years.  A 15 year old furnace is like a set of tires with 45,000 miles of wear.  At this point, the efficiency of the furnace is way down from what it used to be and could possibly run into costly repairs.  It could be time to get a FREE High-Efficient Furnace and Air Conditioner Estimate!

Safety is also an issue at this point in the furnace’s lifespan.  Carbon monoxide is generated from the burning process and travels through the heat exchanger.  If the heat exchanger gets worn down, it can rust and crack in places which can mean that carbon monoxide will leak into your home.

day and night

During annual Furnace Tune-Ups, we check the heat exchanger with a camera and a probe to make sure that there are no cracks and that your furnace is safe to run.  If you don’t get your furnace maintained, you have no way of knowing that your furnace is unsafe to use.

Call now to set up your furnace tune up with Valley Services, Heating and Air Conditioning!  Your comfort leader for the greater St. Croix Valley!


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