Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | January 27, 2011

Energy Saving Ideas, Furnace and AC Efficiency Tips

Energy (and money) Saving Helpful Hints

We like to help our customers save money.  We understand that repairing a furnace can turn out to be a little spendy.  So here are a few ways that you can save money and be more efficient and prevent costly service calls down the road.
Increasing Efficiency of Your Home:
  • Make sure your attic is properly insulated (R-38 to R-44)
  • Provide adequate ventilation for air circulation in your attic
  • Plant trees for windbreaks and sun protection
  • Weatherstrip and/or caulk around windows and doors

Stay Warm this winter

Follow general furnace maintenance guidelines to increase longevity of furnace, get you furnace cleaned yearly and change filters regularly.

Furnace Efficiency Tips

  • Check filters monthly and change as needed
  • Clean humidifier at beginning of heating season and change humidifier pad yearly
  • Check ducts and repair leaks or separations, insulate if in an unheated area
  • Check flue pipes for signs of rust, corrosions or holes

Boiler Efficiency Tips

  • Maintain yearly and dust off radiators too!
  • Check water level and pressure
  • Check for leaks


Stay Cool This Summer

Yearly maintenance on you air conditioning system is recommended as well.  We make sure that the coil gets cleaned with our eco-friendly coil cleaning solution and that the blower motor is cleaned after the heating season.

  • Keep windows protected from direct sunlight with awnings and trees
  • Apply tinted film to windows in direct sunlight to avoid overworking air conditioner
  • Keep cooling system clean, including: filters, fans, ducts, vents and thermostats.
  • Keep condensate drain line clean and not plugged
  • Keep air vents and returns unblocked by furniture and drapes
  • Adjust registers for upward air flow
  • Keep outdoor condenser clean from debris, leaves, sticks, grass. You can clean with garden hose.

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