Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | February 16, 2011

Springtime is here! Furnace Tune Up and AC Tune Up.

When springtime rolls around, one of the great feelings is being able to get some fresh air outside.  Open the windows and clear out that stale winter air that has been trapped there all season!

With springtime, there are some chores that come along with it.  But it is not all bad.  It allows you to do work without overheating and breaking too much of a sweat.  One of the things that should be done is cleaning up your Whole-House Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner.  Some of the things you the homeowner can do on your own, but there are a few details that require more HVAC knowledge.  For one, we clean the outside condenser coil with a special coil cleaner that gets all the dirt and dust cleaned out which allows for better airflow and Air Conditioner Efficiency.

With the Furnace Tune Up, we clean the blower motor and ensure that it is working correctly.   For a true Air Conditioner Tune Up, the technician must check that the coil cleaner has been properly rinsed with water after cleaning.  Once that has been done, he will check out the operation of the furnace and ensure that the thermostat is communicating correctly with furnace and AC.

And the furnace and air conditioner tune up is not complete until he checks the overall operation and cycles the system to make sure that everything is working efficiently!


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