Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | March 16, 2011

RotoBrush Duct Cleaning

RotoBrush Whole-House Duct Cleaning

What is Whole-House Duct Cleaning?  How Often should your Ducts be Cleaned? How do you choose the right duct cleaning company?

Heating and air conditioning companies (including Valley Services) suggest cleaning and tuning-up your furnace and air conditioner yearly.   Duct cleaning is another service that should be done if it is determined that your ducts have mold, dust, or other debris in your duct work.  There is no need for a routine maintenance schedule to be set up, duct cleaning should be performed on an as needed basis.

At Valley Services we use RotoBrush Duct Cleaning equipment.  We use the RotoVision Video Inspection system to do just that.  We insert a 1-1/8″ camera with LED lights into the ductwork and with a 35′ cord view the inside of your duct system.  We can show you on the 10″ Color LCD Screen what your ducts look like and whether or not you would like to proceed with the cleaning and what we suggest as well.

I believe that the video inspection is the most important step in the process for our customers.  Valley will never suggest to clean the ducts if it is not needed.  It is the trust that we build and stand by with our customers that keeps them coming back!

So we answered one question so far, how often should your ducts be cleaned (asnwer: as needed and can be determined by the Video Inspection).

What is duct cleaning?

Duct Cleaning is a service that is performed (should be performed) by a heating and cooling company.  It is a process that starts with (after the video inspection of course) removing all of the grilles and registers of your return and supply ducting.  We then insert the air brush and vacuum hose into the duct and slowly work our way towards the main trunk line.  After we finish vacuuming each line of duct, we vacuum the inside of the furnace and check and clean the blower motor as well.

Don’t let your air filter look like this! Get your ducts cleaned!

After vacuuming the inside of the furnace, we turn on the fan and spray a Anti-Microbial Solution into the duct system.  We then replace all the grilles and registers.

The final and most important step is letting the furnace run for 15-20 minutes after the cleaning is complete.  There are many duct cleaning companies out there that will not even start your furnace before they leave.  We make it a point to ensure everything is in perfect working order before we leave.  This leads me into the final sections of this blog.

How do you choose the right duct cleaner?

There are a few things that are important to consider before deciding on the company that is right for you.  There are some companies that are not heating and cooling companies that are cleaning ducts.  They are strictly cleaning companies and their work ends with the ductwork.  Anything that happens with the furnace they will not inspect.

This is something that is important to us as a company.  We want our customers to know that we will check your furnace operation before we begin and before we leave.  We believe that the ductwork and the furnace work together and it is key that your duct cleaning company understands this as well.

This should help you in your search for duct cleaning information.  There will be another article coming soon!




  1. Air duct cleaning help us to have a clean air and clean environment. I learn a lot from your post. Thanks!

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