Posted by: Valley Services HVAC | July 25, 2011

Valley Services is a Dealer of Day and Night Heating Products

It is official.  Valley Services, Heating and Air Conditioner Specialists out of Hudson, WI is now a dealer of Day and Night Heating and Cooling Products.  We are proud to say so.  We have top-of-the-line technical support and warranties that will help you make your decision for heating and cooling products an easy one.

If you are not familiar with Day and Night Heating and Cooling Products, here is a brief history:

Day and Night was founded in 1909 by William J. Bailey.  He revolutionized the industry of water heater by inventing a “flat plate” solar water heater that had a storage tank that kept water hot “day and night”.

Skipping ahead to 1955, Day and Night is acquired by Carrier Corporation.

In 1974, Carrier Corporation forms BDP Company which stands for Bryant, Day and Night, and Payne.

In 1981, Day and night pioneers one of the first 90% efficient gas furnaces.

In 2008, Day and Night brand is reborn as an International Comfort Products (ICP) Brand.

Valley Services provides indepth information on all Day and Night Heating and Cooling Products:

Day and Night Furnaces

Day and Night Air Conditioners

Day and Night Heat Pumps

Day and Night Package Units

Welcome to the new era of Day and Night Heating and Cooling Equipment in the Greater St. Croix Valley in Wisconsin and Minnesota!


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